Collaborate with a team that walk the walk

You've come to the right place if you want to work with people who practise what they preach. We make certain that we model the behaviours we want to see in others.

Environmental commitments

We work on several fronts to reduce our environmental footprint. This entails choosing to work only on projects that have a positive impact on society and the planet, as well as implementing sustainable practices on a daily basis, such as:

  • We don't own cars and instead prefer public transportation and active modes.
  • For internal and client meetings, we favour vegetarian meals.
  • We prioritise buying used items, such as furniture and appliances.
  • We choose environmentally friendly products, such as Fairphone mobile devices.
  • By default, we hold all of our meetings remotely.
  • We used best eco-design practices in the development of this website.

Social commitments

A sustainable future necessitates the participation of all organisations, including those that may be unable to collaborate with us due to financial constraints. As a result, we assist those organisations by:

  • Offering free classes on the science of sustainable behaviours.
  • Giving talks about the subject.
  • Giving non-profit organisations preferential rates.

Team commitments

As a young company, every day is an opportunity to build a culture of diversity, transparency, well-being and development, i.e.:

  • We value diversity in all its forms, from backgrounds to viewpoints.
  • We allow everyone on the team to choose the working conditions that are best for them in terms of hours, location and equipment.
  • We operate as a non-hierarchical structure in which one person equals one vote regardless of position.
  • We understand that behavioral science is constantly evolving, so we devote 20% of our time to keeping up with the latest developments.

Clients commitments

Helping our clients encourage sustainable behaviours over the long run requires rigour, honesty, consistency and collaboration. This is why we pledge to keep the following promises:

  • We design solutions that are tailored to our clients' needs and the environment in which they operate.
  • We carry out our responsibilities with intellectual honesty and conscience.
  • We are constantly striving to improve our professional abilities.
  • We collaborate to create more effective and equitable solutions.

Supplier code of conduct

Our impact on society and the planet is also influenced by the suppliers we work with. When we look for new ones, we make certain that their products and practices meet the criteria outlined in our code of conduct.