Access leading global experts

Your project deserves the latest scientific input. This is why we work with leading universities and scientists, and have formed strategic partnerships.

University College London

We base some of our key tools on established models and methods, such as UCL's COM-B and the Behaviour Change Wheel. We have refined them over time to address the specifics of sustainability challenges. To ensure their scientific validity, we have been working with UCL MSc Behaviour Change students as part of the Behavioural Insights Exchange (BIX) programme for the past two years.

Diversifi Global

We are a proud member of Diversifi Global, a collaboration of world leading independent behavioural science experts, both large and small, coming together to solve real world local problems. As experts in sustainable behaviour, Behaven leads the group’s efforts to use behavioural science for sustainability.

Scientific committee

We are currently assembling a scientific committee that will serve as a sounding board for our client projects. Some of the best experts in the field of behavioural science applied to energy, food, mobility, waste, water or consumer goods will serve on the committee.

Call for collaborations

Collaboration is in our DNA, and we are happy to work with experts as needed. And this can include your existing partners, such as your market research or communications agencies. It also includes working with academic partners, such as Imperial College London or Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where we co-supervise diverse research projects at the Master's level. Contact us to discuss further.