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EDHEC Online, Management and Sustainable Behaviours


Fred Dorsimont

A successful ecological transition requires more than awareness, innovation, and government intervention. They must be accompanied, on the one hand, by widespread sustainable behaviours and, on the other, by better decision-making within organisations. EDHEC Online, EDHEC Business School's first 100% online training and …


GOOD MOVES #13: From Science to Practice


Fred Dorsimont

In this month’s GOOD MOVES newsletter, we focus on how businesses can incorporate behavioural science into their sustainability efforts — thanks to two fantastic guests: Richard Wright is Unilever's Global Sustainability Director, Behaviour Change. In this episode, Richard talks about the use of behavioural science at Unilever …


EDHEC Sustainable Campus Challenge


Fred Dorsimont

EDHEC Business School, committed to leading by example, is pursuing its sustainability initiatives through the Sustainable Campus Challenge. This event, organised in collaboration with Behaven, not only raised awareness of environmental issues and the importance of individual behaviours among students and staff, but also …


Should we nudge or boost energy conservation?


Dr Mira Toumi

Encouraging people to be more efficient with their energy usage is crucial to help tackle climate change. With some challenges along the way: how do we make such an invisible commodity more tangible for people? How do we translate pro-environmental intentions into real actions? And what behavioural tool(s) should we implement? …


Behavioural science and sustainable fashion


The fashion and textile market is one of the world's biggest industries. Unfortunately, this sector, and the fast-fashion industry in particular, continues to be a threat to a sustainable future. Research suggests that the rapid rise of fast fashion and ultra-fast fashion culture has driven a change in consumer purchasing …


Towards a sustainable society, one behaviour at a time


Dr Julia Terlet

Not everyone agrees on the importance of individual behaviour change as a way towards a more sustainable society. Generally, two types of arguments run against it. The first is that small acts don’t have any impact. The second is that governments and businesses should be responsible for making important changes, and shouldn’t …


COP26 — Key messages on behaviour change


The recent COP26 presented several discussions around the topic of behaviour change, and this article sums up the key takeaways on why behaviour change should be a part of the conversation concerning the climate crisis and the role of behavioural science in this regard. Essential to a sustainable future Following the outcomes …